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“Hi John and Jen, just to say thanks very much for looking after us all over the weekend. The riding and the hospitality were 1st class and though I didn’t complete the course my appetite for off-roading has been rekindled! Best wishes”
Gordon Barr, 4th trip – 1st off-road, November 2017

Andy & Duncan’s 5th visit with other newcomers


4 Sorensen web
The last group of the Spring – Tom (4), Matt (6), Paul (4), TC (11), Karl (9) & Rod (6 visits)

Just wanted to say a massive thank you for literally everything last weekend, it was, as most say on your website “faultless”.  My only problem was the food, it was too good and as a fella that can’t say no I put on weight LOL! Lovely couple not forgetting the dog and a lovely house. See you next year hopefully with Darren and the crew again.

Regards. Conrad Earll IIRSM – March 2017


Andy Webster & friends

Andy Webster & friends

Who is this ?

Who is this ?

Our guide - Alain

Our guide – Alain

Steven closes the group

Steven closes the group

2 Webster plank web

Dave (Smith) beats Andy’s “plank” record with a little help from some red wine!!


Got back last night from a two day off road trail ride including a two night stay with 5 friends.
John and Jen are wonderful people who made us all feel so welcome in their beautiful home. The food was outstanding, the drink was endless and the rooms were lovely. The view from mine was stunning.
Our guide “Alain” was a fantastic rider, knows the lanes like the back of his hand and was always there to help when things went wrong. He helped us with mechanical failures and literally removed fallen trees from the lanes so we could pass. He also took us to some fabulous locations for lunch and coffees.
The Ride:
Two days trail riding amongst woods, fields, rivers beds, rocky bits, muddy bits, dry, smooth the list goes on. The variation was fantastic and the scenery was stunning. Not even the rain dampened me and my friends’ spirits.

Throughout the day we were supported by John in his van. He carries fuel, water, tools and whatever else you want him to. The set up worked brilliantly.

All in all I think it’s the best two days of trail riding I have ever done and I know my mates think it was fantastic. 100% we would all go back.

I would without question recommend Bike Normandy and I can’t wait to go back.”

The above is from Sean Godly’s 5 star ‘Google Review’ on 6 March 2017

1 Godly web

Sean & friends


“Brilliant trip, fantastic food & people, the guides & trails were excellent!!!”
Rob, 1st visit, Merseyside, November 2016
“Fantastic break, loved the trails, the guides & the stay. The food & the welcome were excellent.
Thank you very much, hope to see you again”
Oli, 1st visit, Merseyside, November 2016
“Good people, good trails, good food – will come again with sausages!!”
Tommy H, 1st visit, Merseyside, November 2016
32 Mawdsley web
“Hi John & Jeanette,
Thanks for a totally great weekend all the way round we all enjoyed it
tremendously…What’s the availability for early April 2017 ?
Once again thanks for being good hosts.”
Ian & Rob & 8 others, 1st visit (Nick’s 5th), November 2016
31 Birch web
30 Garrett, Saines, Young web
Andy & Duncan’s 4th visit, with other newbies, October 2016
29 Medlicott web
Jack Medlicott & friends first visit – October 2016
“Great food, Great accommodation & Great hosts. Amazing venue, could not have been more hospitable. Highly recommend Bike Normandy”
Paul, Nick, Ray, Mike & Paul, April 2016
5 Scott, Richards web
4 Railston 2 web
Dennis celebrates his 50th birthday!
“Trip No 6 done  – fantastic – as good as the first & looking forward to trip No 7. Never letting the high standards slip in any aspect of the weekend makes BN the best at what they do. Thanks again”
Stewie Roberts & friends, March 2016
3 Roberts, McCarter web
“Another great tour – everyone enjoyed the food & hospitality. See you again”
Jonathan Heath + 9 friends, March 2016
1 Heath web
“Our second trip to your wonderful home – it’s the complete package. Fantastic hosts, the riding is exciting and the guides are fun & friendly. Thanks again”
Dave Brown, October 2015
“Second time for this adventure and it didn’t disappoint. Great hospitality & weather ordered specially! Thanks again John & Jen”
Grant H, October 2015
28 Brown web
“Bonjour John & Jen, would like to say a big thank you to you both and for being fantastic hosts. The set-up you have is fantastic, just so well organised. Thank you and we will be coming back!”
David Railston, Herts, April 2015
4 Railston web
“2nd time here with the off-road crew, what more to say than AMAZING! Food, hospitality, guides
Gas! Gas! Gas!”
Phil Hughes, Surrey TRF, April 2015
“Trip No 5 for me and already booked trip No 6 – can’t wait. What an absolute pleasure it is to be here. Great hospitality from John & Jen as ever, the trails are a great mix & miles of them too, the guides are superb”
Stewie Roberts, 5th trip (3 road, 2 off-road), Surrey TRF, April 2015
“*Smiles for Miles* What a great weekend – I’ve had such a good time on the trails – over 150 miles of great lanes and varying terrain. The guides are great…and both John & Jen are great hosts – very welcoming into their home. The food has been superb and better than most restaurants. I’ll be back”
Gavin Hughes, Surrey TRF, April 2015
3 Roberts web
“Great trails, top guide, good food, a well run weekend – Merci Beaucoup!”
Dave Richards & friends, Hertfordshire – March 2015
2 McCarther & Richards web
“Hi John and Jeanette, just a quick thank you for last weekend, all the boy’s really enjoyed it and we will be talking about it for a long time. The format, accommodation and catering is excellent and the weather wasn’t bad either . Please send our regards to Alain and the boys . Can you make a provisional booking for next March – hopefully for 10 people…Thanks again”
Jonathan Heath – March 2015
Wind’s in the East,
Mist rolling in,
Like something amazing is about to begin.
Alain the guide sets off on his back wheel for two days of wild & woolly.
You must do this. All of it. Thank you John & Jen”
Bob, Jonathan, Tim, John, Warren & Stuart (almost Northerners!) – March 2015
“2nd visit, great weekend, great company, great food, we’ll be back for a 3rd visit – you bet ya!”
Robbie & Pete (Southerners!) – March 2015
P1090113 web  P1090116 web
Our first off-roaders of the year – and what fabulous weather! (PS The song was December ’63)
“Thanks again for a great weekend once again…Brilliant hosts, guides & accommodation. See you again”
“Diff” – Andy Wakely, 2nd trip, Somerset, November 2014
“2nd visit (2012 & 2014) another perfect weekend. great hosts, guides & lanes. Many thanks”
“SUPERB. Excellent weekend!”
“Chips 37”
“What a blast! Two fun days & great food. Thanks to both of you”
Les Foy, 2nd trip, Somerset, November 2014
“Excellent weekend – couldn’t ask for more”
Stu, Somerset, November 2014
31 Wakeley web
Diff’s group from Somerset
“Great place to stay, wonderful hosts and superb riding. Couldn’t have wished for anything better”
Shaun – October 2014
Thanks for a very good time – food fantastic, rooms great, hospitality excellent, trails awesome, guides awesome! See you again”
Ian, Shaun, Ian, Dave, Andy, Roy, Steve, Angus, Martin, Ash – October 2014
30 Haslop web
Ian Haslop’s group from “up North!”
“Just a quick email to say thank you for a very enjoyable weekend,all the guys said they would come back again next year. The food was excellent, the guides outstanding and so well organised by yourself. Once again thanks and I hope you have a full order book as you deserve it”
Nick Littlecott – October 2014
29 Littlecott Saines web
Andy Saines & Duncan Pate’s 3rd visit with Nick Littlecott’s group – Oct 2014
6 McKinney web
“The Surrey Saga Off-Roaders!” (with Alain) – April 2014
“Another two days of brilliant guiding from Alain.
Many thanks for your hospitality & see you again next year”
5 McCarter Fuller web
Liam McCarter’s group with Adam & Will – 2nd visit
4 Sorensen web
Rod Veck 4th visit, Tom Hawkins the newby!, Matt Skelton 3rd visit, Karl Sorensen 6th visit,
Tony Greenslade 8th visit, Nick Birch 4th visit – April 2014
3 Dakar web
Ian “Dakar” Davies – 3rd Visit, with the lads from “Up North”
“What a great off-road weekend. Fantastic food, cider & hospitality. Great guides with lots of knowledge. EXCELLENT!!”
Charlie Soto, Surrey TRF, March 2014
“Visit No 4 for me but first time off-road. Just as fantastic as ever. Lots of people try to do what Bike Normandy do, but only Bike Normandy do it how it should be done! Once again thank you for your great hospitality”
Stewie Roberts – 4th visit – Surrey TRF, March 2014
2 Roberts web
and just look at the fantastic weather in March
Surrey TRF 2014 - 1 web
Surrey TRF 2014 - 3 web
“Wanted to say thanks for the weekend, it was fantastic…food was wonderful, hospitality was amazing, support during the days was immense… Alain is legendary and thoroughly enjoyed attempting to keep up with him (although in the wet it’s an impossible task, he is so good!)”
Phil Penhaligan – 5th visit – March 2014
1a Parker Penhaligan Wyatt web
“We all had a fantastic weekend trail riding. Thank you for everything. The food was fantastic – all we need to do is come back again! All the best from Team TREK”
34 Mills web
The last group of the year – “TREK” (Trail Riding East Kent) – November 2013
P1040376 web
P1040382 web
33 Stroomer, Penhaligan web
Paul Stroomer’s 7th visit & still great weather – November 2013
32 web
“Thanks for a great weekend – best lanes ever & wonderful hosts. Cheers from all the lads.”
Dave Brown & Co, October 2013
“Spectacular! We enjoyed hundreds of kms of autumnal lanes with our cheery guides. To return to a gastronomic feast was a dream!”
Will Fuller, October 2013
“Definitely Brilliant!!”
Ryan Smith, October 2013
P1030872 web
P1030871 web
Alain, one of your guides
K Williams jet wash web
DSCF0204 web
DSCF0199 web
DSCF0193 web
6 Sorensen web
Karl Sorensen’s 5th visit, Tony Greenslade’s 7th visit – April 2013
“Many thanks for two superb days riding and excellent meals. The geriatrics had such a good time they want to come again if you will have us !”
Paul McKinney on behalf of the Sussex & Surrey Gentlemen Riders, April 2013
5 McKinney web
“Can I say on behalf of the group what a fantastic weekend we all had. Normandy lanes and your beautiful house with amazing views was the perfect setting for an excellent weekends riding. You & Jen were the perfect hosts and the guides were really helpful & friendly. All in all I don’t think it could have been any better so thank you once again”
Liam McCarter, April 2013
4 McCarter web
“Thanks for a cracking weekend – will be highly recommending the trails in Normandy and Bike Normandy”
Ady Govier, EYTRF, April 2013
“Just a note of thanks for the fantastic weekend which goes down in my books as the best ever, You really did go the extra mile to make sure we had a good time and nothing was ever too much trouble…”
“Doug – a.k.a. “Rabbit Boy” !
East Yorkshire TRF, April 2013
3 Govier web
“If you like enduro you will love this place”
Mark Schofield, Somerset TRF, March 2013
2 Keswick web
“We had two fantastic days trail riding on some of the best trails ever been on and the hospitality, accommodation & food was 2nd to none. Thank you John & Jen for a great time – we will be back”
James Dennison & Friends, Lancashire, March 2013
Dakar's group web
Alain – one of our guides
Tony Greenslade’s 6th Visit – Karl Sorensen’s 4th Visit
Rod Veck, Stephen Wilson & George Dennison’s 3rd Visit – Nov 2012
Paul Stroomer & Mark Cornford’s 6th Visit ! Danny Parker’s 4th Visit – Nov 2012
“Brilliant two days laning, great hosts, food to die for, brilliant guide in Alain (how does he remember it all?)
Will be back for sure”
Simon Jones, Somerset, October 2012
“Best two days off-roading EVER! Really good hosts, thanks a lot”
Les Foy, Somerset, October 2012
“Fantastic food, fantastic accommodation, fantastic hosts! Laning or was it rivering?? Could have done with a jet-ski in places – was bloody brilliant! Definitely coming back again but with a snorkel!”
Andy “Diff” Wakely, Somerset, October 2012

Paul O’Connell’s Group October 2012
“All the guys have been unanimous in saying that last weekend was the best they have had
and that you guys blow away the competition!”
George Dennison, MotoDen, London, April 2011
“Some of the best off-roading we have had the pleasure of doing anywhere and added to by your great hospitality throughout the weekend that saw everything run like clockwork and extracted max value out of the time. I have a notion we shall be back!”
Mark, Belfast, April 2011
“Fantastic weekend off-roading. Fast and flowing, good food & great hospitality. Will be back for a 3rd time.”
Martin, Somerset, March 2011
“On behalf of all of us [5 riders] I would like to thank you both for such a fantastic time. We do know how hard you work to make sure we have everything we need, the riding and your hospitality are second to none, as Arnie puts it “I’ll be back”
Bernie, Surrey, Oct 2010
“Great hospitality, wonderful food, excellent accommodation, thanks for showing us the quality trails of Normandy”
Joe, Herts, April 2010
“Many thanks for a fantastic holiday…the lads are still talking about it! The food & hospitality were second to none, and it was great to spend so much time on the lanes rather than on the roads”
Steve, Suffolk, Nov 2009
Steve, Essex TRF, Oct 2009
“Second time back – already booked third time. Great food, great riding. Excellent!”
Anthony, Devon, Oct 2009
“Good riding, great food, great wine, excellent company – what’s not to enjoy! FABULOUS!”
Neil, Hants, April 2009
“Had a great weekend. Good food, fab hospitality – oh, and the lanes! Non-stop action – Thanks”
Colin, John, Charlie & Bernie, Surrey, Feb 2009
I’ve never laughed so much as I did in Normandy. Had a fantastic time… I’d say the best Trail Riding I’ve ever done.
Excellent accommodation and excellent company and not forgetting the food – Amazing.
Thanks to our Guides for both days and John and Jeanette.
I would go back next weekend if I could.

Lee, Hampshire, October 2008

It was definitely one of the best trips ever.
It just wouldn’t be possible to cram any more quality riding, top food, top cider and great laughs into one weekend.

Rich, Hampshire, October 2008

“Wonderful riding. It had something for everyone and the guides are superb. We had rocks, mud, water & lots of nadgery lanes. The wooded sections are challenging but brilliant. The riding is as good as anything you will get in Wales. Wonderful hosts, well organised, excellent food & wine, perfect facilities – we couldn’t ask for more.”
John, Northants, April 2008

“First Rate in every respect. Cheers.”
“Sid”, Bristol, April 2008

“Thanks again for a fantastic weekend, the rides were brilliant, your hospitality was out of this world …and please pass on our thanks to the most helpful guides we have had in about six years of tours”
Mark (uktrailrides), Bucks, October 2007

“We all felt it was the best trip we have ever been on and the trails were equally as good as the Welsh ones – once again many thanks”
Bob, (by e-mail) on behalf of 10 riders from Southern TRF Group, October 2007

“Thank you for a fantastic time, the riding was superb, the accommodation, food and hospitality were just amazing. Be assured we will be back”
Karl, Chris, Mark, Bob, Julian, Lee, Tony, Richard, Colin & Andy (kneeling), Southern TRF, October 2007

“Top Weekend. Best Trails. Great Hospitality!”
Ian, Cambridge, May 2007

“Simply the best off-road trail! Food, hospitality, service…the works!!”
Ian, Bristol, March 2007

“Thanks for a great time…we’ll be back [again!]”
Nick & Roger, Lancs, November 2006

“Two of the best off-road days we have ever had”
Steve, Lancs, May 2006

“Thanks very much for a great weekend, your hospitality was great, the food excellent and the French guides were superb…”
Cliff, Essex, April 2006

“Great hospitality & will recommend this place to everyone”
Bill, Scotland, March 2006

“Better than expected – excellent”
Mark, Darren & the boys, Lancs & beyond, November 2005

“Excellent hosts, fantastic food and second-to-none riding. Highly recommended”
Ian, Derby, October 2005

“Absolutely Superb. Thanks for a great weekend!”
Jeff, Lancashire, April 2005

“Another fine time had by us all. 3rd time here & can’t wait for the 4th. Brilliant everything – thanks again”
Chris, Kent, April 2005

“Thanks a lot for the brilliant weekend…..hope to see you next year”
Lee, Wales, March 2005
Pictures from “La Course Infernale” – 6 British Entrants

“Fantastic food, excellent hosts, great weekend in the snow – ACE !!! “
Sam & the lads, Lancashire, February 2005

“Thanks for the fabulous weekend”
Ian, Lancashire, February 2005

“Couldn’t ask for more! Fantastic food, wonderful hosts & great riding. Can’t wait to return”
Damian, November 2004

“Fantastic hospitality & awesome riding – as good as it gets!”
Ashley, November 2004

“Another wicked weekend, excellent food, drink & of course riding”
Chris, November 2004

“Thank you very much for the 3 days. It was faultless and superb fun. Excellently organised and a repeat performance is definitely on the cards!”
Chris, April 2004 [on behalf of 9 Muddy Boys!]