World SuperBikes, Champagne & Stupendous Roads Tour – October 2011

“What a tour !!!!! Great organisation, people, food, roads (now know why you named it WSB & Stupendous Roads Tour), scenery, to say nothing of the weather you ordered which was the icing on the cake, especially in October !!!!!! Not forgetting there were also two world champions crowned – one British…see you next year…” Vic, Triumph Sprint


Day one and Ken clearly needs a t-shirt…     Lunch in the shade


Dinner chez J Mellot in Sancerre                   The guys go to the races

“Thanks very much for the Magny Cours Tour. It was the best riding I’ve ever experienced and the WSB racing at Magny Cours was fantastic. I would recommend this tour to anyone – and probably will ! Having had such a great time I think I’ll book the Black Forest Tour next year…” Ken C, Suzuki GSXR 750


It takes all sorts to get the crowd going…


Fantastic views of the racing


Ken W & Vic enjoying the racing                      Sunset over Sancerre


Dinner our second night in Sancerre…        Sue enjoying a huge ice cream dessert

View over the hotel swimming pool with the morning mist in the valley


            Picturesque coffee stops                         Enough chips for lunch ?


Sue & Orry with ice creams in Beaune          The theatre in Dijon


We all “gatecrash” a private UNESCO function in Dijon – and get free drinks!


Dinner in Dijon – it’s Ken W’s birthday so he gets candles on his dessert !


                 John gives another performance of the Penguin joke!


Terry caught in the act – don’t tell Fran!


                  Scenic lunch stops


John samples the dregs at the Champagne House


Take cover! John opens another bottle!       Ken C & John sample the champagne


               Sue gets the perfect shot – and is suitably rewarded !         


Drinks before dinner                                            Last supper in Reims


          Reims cathedrale by night                       Can anyone spot Ken W?


Terry caught again!                                              And Vic can’t resist either!

It’s Ken Again!   Ken W on his 10th trip with Bike Normandy

“John & Jen, thanks for arranging the luverly weather during the trip, it made the tour even better than expected. Once again your organisation, the group of other riders, the roads, routes and hotels, the wine and champagne, and not forgetting watching Carlos Checa take this year’s WSB Championship at Magny Cours circuit, all made this another reason for Sue and I to come back again next year to sample more experiences with Bike Normandy.

You’ve obviously noticed during the past 8 years that whilst I (and Sue) have been enjoying the Bike Normandy experiences I have seriously neglected your visitors comments book. This is not because I can’t write (or because you wouldn’t do me a special deal on a t-shirt) but because no-one is going to believe it if I keep on and on describing what a good time I’ve had and what a well organised business you both operate.

Anyway, now you’ve honoured my 10th visit with a (free!) “special” t-shirt printed with “Oh no not Ken again!, I felt extremely guilty and compelled to write a few words of gratitude for the many pleasurable visits you’ve provided for us over the years, and to say I look forward to many more – assuming you’ll continue to put up with me? Long may your success continue,. Many thanks…” Ken & Sue, Triumph Tiger 1050.