Our “Star in a Reasonably Priced Office Chair” Race Leader Board!

* Right foot off the ground at all times
* Crash helmet to be worn
* One sighting lap permitted
* No help allowed – even from Della dog!
The Invalid John – 21.04 seconds – disqualified as had more than one sighting lap!!
Pro’s – has spent the last 10 weeks practising
Con’s – none that he can think of!
8 John E web  8 John E web 2
Our Star – Fastest Lap Time to beat Graham Blunden – 22.03 seconds !
P1050067 web  P1050069 web
2nd place Dave Cockburn – 26.2 seconds – burning out the tyres on the office chair just like his Street Triple!
P1050171 web
3rd place John Wainwright – 26.41 seconds – setting a new trend in bare feet!
P1050177 web
4th place birthday boy Tim Hale or should we say “Dolly Parton” – 27 seconds
P1050147 web  P1050149 web
5th place Ian Hepburn – 27.51 seconds
P1050175 web 2
6th place Rob Powell – 28.5 seconds – knackered!
P1050173 web  P1050174 web
Joint 7th place – Dave Thurston & Paul Masterson – 29 seconds dead
P1050137 web  P1050143 web
8th place Alex Richardson – 30 seconds
P1050153 web  P1050155 web
9th place Sue Wilson – 30.59 seconds
Pro’s – Not many so she’ll attempt to put everyone else off
Con’s – Will be laughing too much to take the race seriously
3 Sue web  3 Sue web 2
10th place Dean Spooner – 31.00 seconds
P1050070 web
11th place our “biker babe” Nicky Thurston – 32 seconds
P1050151 web
12th place Nigel Dean – 32.07 seconds – going as fast as on his Bonneville!
P1050179 web
13th place Terry Blumire – 32.22 seconds
P1050178 web
14th place Andy Oliver – 32.70 seconds
Pro’s – Rumour that he has tech support to modify the chair with Dexion
Con’s – Birds through the kitchen window may cause a distraction
1 Andy web  1 Andy web 2
15th place Victoria Paterson – 33 seconds
P1050150 web
16th place John Young – 34.04 seconds – collecting a beer en-route!
Pro’s – very competitive – definitely a real contender
Con’s – Has confidence issues after crashing in practice
2 John Y web 2  2 John Y web
17th place Nigel Billingsley – 35.07 seconds – not at all happy with his time!
P1050180 web  P1050181 web
18th place Dave Spooner – 37.10 seconds – then crashed !
P1050072 web
19th place Charles May – 39.46 seconds
Pro’s – Youngest in race by 20 years means fitness levels should be good
Con’s – Slippery slippers are untested and tablet alarm may cause unscheduled pit-stop
7 Charles web  7 Charles web 2
20th place Jen – 46.74 seconds
Pro’s – Knows the “Kitchen Kurves” like no-one else
Con’s – Still to prove she’s as fast on a chair as on a bike (failed miserably!)
5 Jen web  5 Jen chair web
21st place – Kevin ?? – 47 seconds
P1050145 web  P1050146 web
22nd place Orry Dugdale – 54.07 seconds
Pro’s – Chair will seem light compared to his Diavel
Con’s – Open mouth & beard will cause drag & wind turbulence
4 Orry web  4 Orry web 2
23rd place Bob Oliver – 101.92 seconds
Pro’s – Experience and economical with the truth – no way can he be age 82 – so what else has he been keeping close to his chest ?
Con’s – Slightly “mutton” so might not be able to hear “GO” !
6 Bob web  6 Bob web 2
Crashed out & didn’t finish – Ron Paterson
P1050138 web  P1050139 web
Disqualified – Bradley Hart – for breaking the “Reasonably Priced Office Chair”!
P1050073 web
Anyone taking part does so entirely at their own risk!
Anyone wishing to contribute 1 euro or 1 pound for their lap to the charity Riders For Health we will send the funds at the end of the season.