4 x 4 Tour (4 Countries in 4 Nights)  28 May – 1 June 2011   

Great group, fabulous weather, stunning view over the Rhine… 
“Having just completed the Bike Normandy 4×4 Tour we are amazed how these guys do it. 
 From dawn to dusk they are working to ensure that your trip will be one that will be remembered. Anyone who rides a bike should – if only once in their life – ride with Bike Normandy, to see how a trip should be organised and managed…even Stevie Wonder would have seen just how much research and preparation goes into the trip. 
I take my hat off to them.”
Ron & Sue Hutchinson, FJR 1300, Doncaster
The prettiest villages for coffee stops 

“The most amazing 4×4 Tour!! Thank you so much for yet another fantastic tour. We loved the tour from start to finish, in fact we didn’t want it to end!! Scenery, hotels, food, rides and amazing company. Both of you really do work hard ensuring everyone has a good time and we did!! I don’t know how you could top the 4×4 – maybe an 8×8 !!! But that’s another tour…please!!”
Chris & Kath, BMW1200RT, Wales
“Hi John & Jen – a few comments on the tour…
Organisation – awesome; Roads – awesome +++; Accommodation – awesome;
Company – awesome +++; Fun factor – off the scale; Value for money – you’d better believe it!
Sharing a room with Geoff “I’m free” Bristow & Brian “Shut that door” Edgington – an education !
Will I be back next year? You bet I will!
Thank you for a brilliant 4×4″
Geoff Keats, BMW S1000RR, Northants 
 “We had a great time on the 4×4 Tour – it was all brilliant…hotels, meals, the routes, the pace of riding
and the hosting was exceptional and very professional! 
  A big thank you to you both and to John & Rita for their sterling work as back markers.
The only thing you need to get sorted is the weather in Luxembourg on Tuesday mornings!!! 
 Now we need to decide which Tour we’ll be doing in 2012 and book before the NEC!”
 Geoff Bristow (with Geoff & Trigg!), Triumph Rocket lll, Northants


 Fantastic Roads

“Having ridden with Bike Normandy previously we booked the 4×4 Tour with great expectations – and we were not disappointed. Riding along the Mosel river, in the morning sunshine, with fabulous scenery around each bend was a particular delight. Good roads, comfortable hotels and great company – it could not have been better.
Thanks for some terrific memories”
Steve & Jean Canning, FJR 1300, Doncaster


Plenty of photo opportunities along the way
 “We just wanted to let you know once again how much we thoroughly enjoyed the 4×4 bike adventure.

 As you know it was our first time riding the bike outside of the UK and in a group. It was an extremely well organised trip – you have thought of and planned everything to precision with a truly professional approach, which enabled us to enjoy the riding without any stress of where the next petrol station would be etc…
  The marker system was so easy to follow and kept us all on the right track…so we didn’t lose anyone. Well done to John & Rita as back up riders!
 The scenery was wonderful and so diverse – from winding through woodland, quaint traditional villages to hills and river views – we covered them all. The group were so friendly and welcoming and given our inexperience of European roads they were so supportive and encouraging…the experience has increased Ray’s confidence and handling of the bike in such a short space of time – what a way to improve !
 We had great fun and met up with a wonderful bunch of people who we hope to meet up with again on other tours as we will definitely be back. You are a great couple and huge thanks for a fantastic adventure that we won’t forget.”
  Ray & Dawn, BMW R1200 RT, Bromsgrove, Worcestershire 


Early morning briefing
Easy parking for bikes                               Nellie hasn’t quite got it right yet !! 
Scenic Routes                                                Marker System shows the way to go
Get to know each other at dinner and breakfast
Regular coffee stops in the prettiest villages 
What everyone wants – brilliant roads – sweepers… 
and twisties…  
A surprise in store – all lined up at the Nurburgring !  
Ron & Dick line up for the start…          Ken with proof of entry – €24 per lap
John & Jen (“White Van Woman”) enter the Nurburgring circuit !
Photos from the circuit – thanks to Sue Martin riding as Ken’s pillion
Nothing better than a few beers after a good day’s riding…
Plenty of restaurants to choose from in Cochem…
Dawn & Ray knocking back Schnapps in one !!
Geoff, Geoff & Brian (Trigg!)                            Breakfast at Cochem   
Van takes your luggage from the hotel…ride through the Mosel vineyards
Ride alongside the Mosel River
                                            Then cross over to the Rhine                                Ken & Sue  
Boppard on the Rhine for coffee – Nellie chilling out !
     Relax alongside the river                     Cath & Chris enjoying strawberries ! 
More brilliant roads !
Picturesque lunch stops…
Ron & Sue enjoying ice creams…
                                             Jen leads into Luxembourg                             How many beers ?
Evening drinks                                     Geoff gets a sparkler !
Luxembourg by night    
Sue passes round the teabag !!                        Sheltering from the rain…
                                                       Chris & John
Our final hotel – the Abbey
    Parking behind the Abbey                    Drinks in the Clubhouse before dinner
Ken, Jane & Steve, Cath & Chris, Sue..Steve & Nellie, Dawn & Ray, John & Rita
Ron & Sue, John & Jen, Jean & Steve…Chris, Dick, Kevin, Geoff, Geoff, Brian
Final night speeches…
Ken says a few words…followed by Ray…but Dawn has to have the last word !!
Final group photo on the staircase of the Abbey
Thanks to all who came on this Tour and made it such a success!
We look forward to seeing many of you again (even later this year for some!) on other Tours.
Special thanks to Sue Martin for many of the photos in this review, taken whilst riding as pillion.